ACEC El Paso

Monthly Meeting
February 20, 2019

Please join us at the Coronado Country Club.

Meet and Greet: 11:30 am
Meeting/Lunch: Noon
Presentation: 12:30 pm

Steve Ortega
El Paso Mobility Coalition (EMCo)

All members welcome.
Each additional guest: $30 lunch fee.
Pay at the Door $40 lunch fee.

Registration Link:

​El Paso Water
National Engineers Week

February 23, 2019
Come join us at 10751 Montana Ave.

 Free Family Event: Featuring STEAM engineering displays and booths that will inspire youth to reach for their goals, dream big, and pursue STEAM engineering careers!

From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Hope to see you there!


ACEC El Paso
Microsoft Project Seminar
March 28, 2019

Please join us at the Coronado Country Club.
Microsoft Project Seminar
From 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Check In: 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Presentation: 9:00 AM

Guest Speakers:
Michael Ramirez, PE
Sergio Adame, PE
Carlos Torres, PE

All members & guests are welcome!

Registration Fee: $50.00

Registration Link:

Continental Breakfast and Snacks will be provided.

Reserve your seat and register before our March 21, 2019 deadline.

Questions - contact
Denise Kroeker, MBA
Executive Director
ACEC-TX, El Paso Chapter
(C) 915-422-5753

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About Us

American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) El Paso, Texas

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) has over 5,500 member firms throughout the country who are engaged in a variety of engineering works that propel the nation's economy and infrastructure. Since 1909, ACEC members have represented the breadth of America's engineering industry and are responsible for more than $200 billion private and public works annually.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Texas(ACEC TX) is devoted to the advancement of the practice of consulting engineering, to the promotion of private enterprise, protection of public welfare, and to the improvement of the economic status of professional engineers engaged in the practice of consulting engineering in Texas. The organization is headquartered in Austin and has over 465 member firms statewide. 

If you work as a professional, consulting engineer in the El Paso region, you may be eligible to become a member of ACEC El Paso upon joining ACEC and ACEC TX.

Information to join the national ACEC can be found at  Membership information for Texas is available at dues must be paid to the national, and state organizations. 


CONTACT US AT:   +1.915.422.5753

​​Liaison Committees - American Council of Engineering Companies

(ACEC) El Paso, Texas

Chairperson: Mark Medina

Co-Chair: Sergio Adame

Past Chair: Roberto Moreno
Committee Members: Mark Medina, Kelvin Kroeker, Victor De La Garza, and Bert Juarez 

Alternates: Chuck Berry, Bobby Gonzalez, Javier Garcia, Isabel Vasquez, and Ivan Avelar

Chairperson: Roman Bustillos -

Co Chair: Carlos Torres - 

Past Chair: Joe Cardenas - 
Committee Members: Michael Ancell, Carlos Torres, Mike Ramirez, Brian Klaes, and Javier Garcia

Chairperson: Eduardo Calvo - 

Co Chair: Victor De la Garza -

Past Chair: Lourdes Cardenas -
Committee Members: Edgar Fino, Marcy Trujillo, Roberto Moreno, and Frank Spencer

​Alternates: Chuck Berry and Roxanne Medina


Chairperson: Roxanne Rivera -

Committee Members: Berna Olague

Chairperson: Michael Ancell - 


The following process is recommended:

Chair invites committee members to an organizational meeting.
Chair elects a Deputy Chair, six regular members, and an unlimited number of alternate members.
Chairs schedule meetings 2-3 weeks in advance.
Both categories of members are invited to participate in a committee planning meeting that should take place about ten days before face-to-face meetings with agencies.
These meetings allow committees to prepare agendas or review the agency's proposed agenda.

​​Membership - 2019 - 2020 American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) El Paso, Texas
Join us to be a leader of the El Paso community today!

2829 Montana Ave., Suite 206, El Paso, TX 79903
Ph: 915.493.6468/ Fx: 915.564.0160  
Steve Ainsa, PE -
Gilbert Andujo, PE -

404 Executive Ctr., El Paso, TX 79902
Ph: 915.261.1321 / FX: 915.533.4089
Edgar Fino, PE –

AIA Engineering, Ltd
800 N. Mesa, Suite 150
El Paso, TX 79902
Ph.: 915.313.3680
Rick Prieto, PE - 

211 North Florence, Suite 202
El Paso, TX 79901
Ph: 915.533.9025 M. 915.861.1141/ Fx: 915.533.9045 
Clinton Swearingen, CCM Construction Supervisor 3 -
Joel Mora, PE -

Bath Engineering Group
4110 Rio Bravo St, Suite 102, El Paso, TX 79902
Ph: 915.534.9110/ Fx: 915.534.9143
Phil Rothstein, PE -
Javier Garcia, PE -

Brock & Bustillos, Inc. –
417 Executive Center Blvd, El Paso, TX 79902
Ph: 915.542.4900/ Fx: 915.542.2867
Roman Bustillos, PE -
Randy Brock, PE - 
Sergio Adame, PE -

Brown & Caldwell, Inc.
1200 Golden Key Circle, Suite 430, El Paso, TX 79925
Ph: 915.545.4400/ Fx: 915.543.9400 
Carlos Torres, PE - 

Carollo Engineers, Inc.
500 W. Overland, Suite 250-K, El Paso TX 79901
M: 915.277.4444
Sanaan Villalobos, PE -
Hilma Perez, PE -

12305 Mercantile Avenue, Suite B, El Paso, TX 79928
Ph: 915.858.1892/ Fx: 915.858.1896 M: 915.861.2410
Jesus A. Ramos, Jr., P.E. -

CQC Testing and Engineering, L.L.C.
4606 Titanic Ave, El Paso TX 79904
Ph:915.771.7766/ FX: 915.771.7786
Jaime Rojas, PE -

Dannenbaum Engineering Co.
10737 Gateway Blvd. West, Suite 112,El Paso TX 79935
Ph: 915.225.5074/Fx: 915.490.1566
Jose L. Reyes, P.E.-
Silverio Villalobos, PE -

Frank X. Spencer & Associates, Inc.
1130 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79902
Ph: 915.533.4600
Frank Spencer, PE -
Serena Harper -
Martha Ortiz -

Freese & Nichols, Inc.
1701 N. Kansas, Suite 700, El Paso, TX 79901
Ph: 915.260.4380 M.: 576.649.2481
Brad E. Kirksey, PE –
Alan Greer, PE - 

GRV Integrated Engineering Solutions LLC
11385 James Watt, Suite B-13, El Paso, TX 79936
Ph: 915.351.6701/Fx: 915.595.2905
Maria G. Robles -

303 North Oregon, Suite 820, El Paso, TX 79901
Ph.: 915.887.0875
Kelvin Kroeker, PE -
Eduardo Calvo - 
Darrin Willer, PE - 
Kammy Horne, PE -

Huitt-Zollars, Inc.
5822 Cromo Dr., Suite 210, El Paso, TX 79912
Ph: 915.587.4339/ Fx: 915.587.5247
Isabel Vasquez, PE - 
Floyd Johnson, PE -
Roxanne Rivera, PE -

HVJ Associates
221 N. Kansas Street, Ste. 700, El Paso, TX 79901
Ph: 915.242.2160 / M: 281.415.7723
Hossam Esmail, PE –

445 Executive Center Blvd, Suite 110, El Paso, TX 79902
Ph: 915.206.2165/ Fx: 915.545.2859
Michael Ancell, PE -

LOI Engineers Inc.
2101 E. Missouri Ave., Suite B
El Paso, Texas 79903
Ph:915.781.1532/ Fx: 915.781.1190
Bernardino Olague, PE-
Molzen Corbin
PO Box 920458
6606 N. Mesa, Suite 214, El Paso, TX  79902
Ph:915.308.4080/ Fx: 915.236.1960/ M: 575.644.3517
Jerry Paz, PE, M.ASCE, ENV-SP -
Bert Juarez, PE -

Moreno Cardenas, Inc.
2505 E. Missouri Ave, Suite 100, El Paso, TX 79903
Ph: 915.532.2091/ Fx: 915.542.0307
Joe Cardenas, PE -
Robert Moreno, PE - 
Brian Klaes, PE -
Mark Medina, PE -

Parkhill, Smith & Cooper
501 W. San Antonio, El Paso, TX  79901
Ph: 915.533.6811/ Fx: 915.544.2059
Mark Sanchez, PE -
Mike Ramirez, PE -
Marcelino Trujillo, PE -
Keith Rutherford, PE -

Quantum Engineering Consultants, Inc.
720 Arizona Avenue, El Paso, TX 79902
Ph: 915.532.7272/ Fx: 915.532.7373
Robert Gonzales, PE - ;

S&B Infrastructure, LTD
1155 Westmoreland Dr., Suite 206, El Paso, TX 79925
Ph: 915.262.0078 / M: 915.235.5962

Arkelao Lopez, PE -

Souder, Miller, & Associates
5862 Cromo Dr. Suite 200 D, El Paso, TX 79912
Ph.: 1.800.647.0799/ M.: 915.238.1956
Marty Howell, PE –
Karl E. Tonander, P.G., PE, C.P.G. –
Francisco X. Urueta, PE, CPESC –

7002 Commerce Ave, El Paso, TX 79915
Ph: 915.778.5233/ Fx: 915.779.8301 M: 915.260.4917
Ruben Solis-Hernandez, PE -
Walter Miller -
Ivan Avelar, PE -
Manuel Salas, PE -

Walter P Moore
221 North Kansas St, Suite 601, El Paso, TX 79901
Ph: 915.838.3111/ Fx: 915.838.3150
Lourdes Cardenas, PE -
Victor de la Garza, PE -

Gabriela Ramos, PE -

125 Montoya Rd, El Paso, TX 79932
Ph: 915.585.2472/ Fx: 915.585.2626
Jamie Barnes, PE -

Our chapter members are leaders in the El Paso community. They work closely with the City of El Paso, TxDOT, EPISD, and other key agencies to enhance and safeguard El Paso's quality of life.


Member Updates - American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) El Paso, Texas

2019 Monthly Meetings

January 16: Gilbert Trejo, El Paso Water – Chief Technical Officer

February 12: Breakfast Planning Meeting - Members Only 

February 20: Steve Ortega, El Paso Mobility Coalition (EMCo)

2018 Monthly Meetings

January 17: Terry Sharpe, C.M. Assistant Director of Aviation Operations and Security 

February 16: Breakfast Planning Meeting - Members Only

February 21: Gilbert Trejo, El Paso Water – Chief Technical Officer

March 14: Mr. Eddie Valtier TxDOT Director of Transportation Planning and Development & Mr. Efrain Esparza

March 22: Cathodic Protection for Municipal Utilities Seminar

April:18: Irene D. Ramirez, PE EPISD Director of Facilities and Construction 

May 16: Jessica Herrera Director of City of El Paso Economic and International Development

June 20: Mike Medina, Executive Director of Metropolitan Planning Organization

July 18: Ed Long, Chief Technical Officer Lower Valley Water District

August 15: Scott Reinert, PE Water Resources Manager 

September 19: Bill Gutman Director of Aerospace Operations of Spaceport America

October 11:  ACEC El Paso Golf Tournament Benefitting STEAM in El Paso

October 24: Norma Rivera-Palacios  El Paso Public Works Director

November 14:***No Meeting***

November 15: John Geddie, ACEC El Paso One Day Project Management Seminar

December 06: ACEC Holiday Reception for Year Round Guest Speakers 

December 12: Peyton McKnight, ACEC TX

2017  Monthly Meetings 

January 20: Mr. Khalil Zaied, COEP Update

February 07: Lunch Planning Meeting - Members Only

February 15: Gilbert Trejo, El Paso Water – Chief Technical Officer

March 22: Ellen Smyth, City of El Paso Texas - Environmental Services & Code Enforcement

April 17: Subsurface Utility Engineering Seminar

April 19: Carlos Gallinar, EPISD Executive Director of Planning and Innovation Construction

May 17: Eddie Valtier, TxDOT Director of Transportation Planning and Development &

Martin Rodin, P.E., TxDOT Director of Professional Engineering Procurement Services 

June 14: Peyton McKnight Peyton McKnight, ACEC General Counsel & Legislative Director- Legislative Update

July: *** NO MEETING***

August: *** NO MEETING***

September 20: Joe C. Pickett, Texas House of Representatives

October 16: 1ST ACEC Golf Tournament Benefitting STEM El Paso

October 18: Betsy Keller, El Paso County Administrator

November 15: David Bogas, Director of Development EPT Land Communities

December 7: ACEC Holiday Reception for Year Round Guest Speakers

December 13: Sam Rodriguez, City Engineer Director of Capital Improvements

2016  Monthly Meetings 

January 20: Gilbert Trejo El Paso Water- Chief Technical Officer

February 17: Martin Rodin, PE Director of Professional Engineering Services -TxDOT

March 16: Joe Wardy, President/CEO of the Hub of Human Innovation

April 20: Steve Stagner, President of ACEC Texas

May 18: Bryan Crowe, General Manager of Destination El Paso

June 15: Gilbert Mesa, PE Utility Manager of Fort Bliss Water Services Company

July 20: Raymond Telles, Executive Director of The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority

July 21: ACEC Meet & Greet with Engineering Community - Honoring Mr. Khalil Zaied

August - *** NO MEETING***

September 14: Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria, EPISD Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations & Carlos Gallinar, EPISD Executive Director of Planning and Innovation Construction & Nicolas Corona, EPISD Executive Director of Operations Support Services & Jose Lopez, EPISD Chief of Staff
Topic: EPISD Bond Update

October 05: Dewatering Seminar

October 19: Roberto Puga, P.G. Project Navigator, Ltd. Site Custodial Trustee

November 10: Project Management Training - Mr. John Geddie, President of Geddie & Associates

November 16: *** NO MEETING***

December 8: ACEC Holiday Reception for Year Round Guest Speakers